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The MAC & PC show The MAC & PC show

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

quite funny

ah even though im an avid mac user myself i still found this hilarious. Im just going to quickly say that pc may be better at games right now but the mac books (not counting mac book air, which is a disgrace) are getting better graphic cards and are getting faster so now we can run almost all the same games as the pc with the same speed. Really though each system has its ups and downs. LIke lets take mac and its mouse lacking a right click and the spinning wheel of doom. While pc has tons of viruses and loads of attention. So really if you think about it...
Pc is really if you want good gaming but willing to make repairs and pay for anti-virus software.
While Mac is really expensive but requires no maintenance or virus software. Its kida like the pay as you go phone plan (pc) and the contract phone plan (mac).
But ya it was a funny thing though...
GAMES!!!!!!!! haha!!

Life Factory Life Factory

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is stunning

wow. i only see a flash that is good once in a while and this is extremely good. im putting you and this on my favorite list. very good job.

OrigamiNugget responds:

Stunning? wow. thanks. I'm also happy to say that tom fulp has personally honered me with an addition to the "Experimental flash" collection. Wheee :D thanks everyone!

Sonic: Uncut 3 Sonic: Uncut 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is so freakin funny

qoutes from this funny movie

metal sonic: kiss my blue plated A$$

knuckles: you can always come to me when you need some one to talk to. hey im gonna need this room for a couple of hours

so anyways this is funny as heck and there must be more of them or so help me i will cut you in half, tie you to some horses and make them run across the rocky mountians.

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Gravity Mouse Gravity Mouse

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good

This is one of the more original games ive seen on newgrounds. Its also very fun but hard at the same time. I got to level 8 and then gave up but it was a very good game. I think there should be something else though to make it a little easier.

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xdragonx10 responds:

Yea, I know I made it a bit too hard. I'll make sure my next game(s) are a bit easier.

On a side note I have a friend that's getting close to the end and may be the first to beat it.

Windows Viesta Windows Viesta

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Hmm......its a start.....of something good!

I must admit that this was ok. There was a few things I would think may help make this a little better. Like the recycle bin, i think it would be funny if the you can drag the needed essay out but then it says "Sorry, this file is corrupted and/or we thought it be cool to watch you suffer and will now destroy itself..Thank you" or something on the lines of that......Annyways ya its a good start, but only a start, which can lead to something greater than all microsoft parodies out there!

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[OLD]- Close Call - [OLD]- Close Call -

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not particlarly great but not bad

The game was ok and the concept was pretty good but there was some weird stuff about the walls. When you hit them the screen moves and it moves your ball out of the walls way. You should change it from that to it being destroyed when it hists the wall and doesnt move on. Besides that you have a good game here.

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Infertehno Infertehno

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Good.

This song I think is one of your better songs. The melody first off really drove the song forward and did not get stale after hearing it in the whole song. . That one synth you used (it comes up as the main many times, example is 1:40) was a very nice touch and it made the song edgy but not overpowering. Also there is what seems to be a xylophone that has been put through an effects box (not sure which one it is at this time) that comes up every once in a while that makes the song easier to listen too. The transition from the beginning part to the main portion of the song was very smooth and well done. The only thing I could say negative about the song is that the ending seemed to be a bit sudden, maybe a longer transition from that final chord to silence would make it sound a bit smoother and would in my personal opinion suit the song better than the ending you have now. Besides that, this song was made incredibly well and unlike most dance songs I have seen on newgrounds, doesn't get stale and boring after a few listens.

Shinrog responds:

As you noted, the xylophone synth is actually a bell with a high pitch, and some reverb. In most of my songs, I do use a fade out ending, but I also make exeptions every now and then, this is one of the cases.
The synth you mentioned you can hear on 1:40 is a preset (maybe, can't remember for sure) from the z3ta+ vst, or at least reminds me of a very similar one.
Thanks for the review anywayz!

DV-Desmatus DV-Desmatus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good!

This is a very good song. The mid-section was very well done and the layering effect you made with the beat as you went further into the song was a very nice touch. Occasionally there was a little bit of a clash with some of the sounds which made it sound just a little bit funny but didn't harm the integrity of the song. Overall it was very good

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DenVessidence responds:

ya i think the way the bass is so low and raspy sounding it makes some fuzz occasionaly. also im useing FL studio 5, a little outa date. glad you liked it =)

ps check out my new song DV-A Strange New Land, under techno if u got time.

Colours of the rainbow(REMIX) Colours of the rainbow(REMIX)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Well, its not that bad, but its just that there is nothing that really stands out in this piece in this music. No defining moment which makes this a great song. Its just kinda plain.